JSON API Server / Resource Mappers

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This abstract library is an extension for enm/json-api-server which adds an implementation to standardize mapping between json api resources and entities.

  1. Motivation
  2. Installation
  3. Usage


The motivation for this library was the recurring requirement to map attributes between entities (for example with doctrine or elasticsearch) and json api resources, provided by enm/json-api-server.

It has been shown that the structure of the mappers and the associated registry between different projects actually do not change.


composer require enm/json-api-server-resource-mappers


Resource mappers are meant to be used in your resource handlers or providers to decouple resources and entities from handlers.

You should always use the registry which offers access to all mappers without requiring your implementation to know about how and where an entity is mapped to a resource and back.

$resourceMapper = new ResourceMapperRegistry();
// add your resource mappers to the registry
$resourceMapper->addMapper(new \CustomMapper());

in your request handlers method fetchResource:

// fetch entity into $entity

if($resourceMapper instanceof JsonApiAwareInterface){

$resource = $this->jsonApi()->resource('examples','1');
$resourceMapper->toResource($entity, $request, $resource);

// return your document containing the resource

Resource Mappers

Your resource mapper has to implement Enm\JsonApi\Server\ResourceMappers\Mapper\ResourceMapperInterface:

Method Return Type Description
supportsEntity(EntityInterface $entity) bool Indicates if this mapper can handle the given entity
toResource(EntityInterface $entity, FetchRequestInterface $request, ResourceInterface $resource) void Maps the given entity to the given (empty) api resource
toEntityFull(ResourceInterface $resource, EntityInterface $entity) void Maps all fields of the given api resource from post request to the given entity and throws an exception if required elements are missing
toEntityPartial(ResourceInterface $resource, EntityInterface $entity) void Maps only available fields of the given api resource from patch request to the given entity

To simplify usage your mapper can extend Enm\JsonApi\Server\ResourceMappers\Mapper\AbstractResourceMapper, which already implements Enm\JsonApi\JsonApiAwareInterface and Enm\JsonApi\Server\ResourceMappers\Mapper\ResourceMapperAwareInterface.

The abstract mapper also implements the method toResource but requires your mapper to implement mapAttributesToResource, mapMetaInformationToResource and mapRelationshipsToResource.

If your mapper does not need one of these methods, these traits contain default (empty) implementations and can be used:

Resource Mapper Aware

If you want to use nested resource mapping (for example with json api relationships and includes) your mapper can implement Enm\JsonApi\Server\ResourceMappers\Mapper\ResourceMapperAwareInterface and use the Enm\JsonApi\Server\ResourceMappers\Mapper\ResourceMapperAwareTrait, which offers the method resourceMapper to access the resource mapper registry.

Json Api Aware

If you want to use json api (for example for relationships) your mapper can implement Enm\JsonApi\JsonApiAwareInterface and use the Enm\JsonApi\JsonApiAwareTrait, which offers the method jsonApi to access the json api. As alternative you could extend the abstract mapper, which implements json api aware.

If one of your mappers use json api aware it’s required to set the json api into the mapper (registry) from request handler, which then also have to implement Enm\JsonApi\JsonApiAwareInterface.