Request Handler

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  1. Concept
  2. Interface
  3. Usage


Request handlers are responsible for turning a JSON API request into a JSON API response, which contains the requested resources (in a document) and all headers.

The document in the response will be normalized by the json api server and could be serialized by JsonApiServer::createResponsebBody to return it as http response.


Method Return Type Description
fetchResource(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Fetch a single resource
fetchResources(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Fetch a resource collection
fetchRelationship(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Fetch a relationship
createResource(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Create a new resource
patchResource(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Modify an existing resource
deleteResource(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Delete a resource
addRelatedResources(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Add resources to a relationship
replaceRelatedResources(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Replace resources of a relationship with other resources
removeRelatedResources(RequestInterface $request) ResponseInterface Remove resources from a relationship


You can use one of the following traits if you does not need all features:

The traits implement the methods of RequestHandlerInterface with throwing a NotAllowedException for the respective action.

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